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In managing our business, whether in business or social sphere, follow rules and procedures whose goals are to develop, produce, distribute and sell products and services safely, and especially without posing any risk to people and the environment .

This set of standards involves all activities of Guarujá Granitos and is based on a commitment to open and transparent at all times ethical attitude.

The Guarujá Granitos always has strict ethical standards in all our relationships. For these standards are followed by all staff, we rely on our vision and mission, as well as standards and quality policies that are widely disseminated and encouraged.



- Donation of materials for work of Community of Santa Monica - As requested by the community, will be donating to the church community, 2 pieces of 0.35 x 0,35 x 0,02m and 3 pieces of 0,30 x 0,35 x 0,02m.

- Transportation for Seniors Shelter - The company gives about twice a year with a truck driver to transport food to the elderly under "Lar Frei Pedro".

- Flood in Muqui-ES-Brasil in December 2010 - The company gave the city hall Muqui one backhoe and a bucket truck and three employees to help clean the city for a period of 30 days.

- Donation for mayor - About twice a month is a donation of cuttings and leftover materials for mayor for placement on roads and retaining walls.


Highway Lucio Meira (Cachoeiro Muqui) n/n - Farm Portal do Guarujá - Rural Zone - Km 25 - Pratinha - Muqui - ES
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